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  • Thinking of building a membership site?

    I’m going to show you why Joomla subscription sites is going to totally change the way you build and run your membership website, and how it will help YOU get your website up and running faster which means you’ll start pocketing your subscription payments sooner ...

    A Real Life case study from one of our customers

    I recently interviewed one of our customers, a 50 year old ex accountant with NO previous internet experience,  and asked him a few question about his membership site. (he used our system to build his membership site) Take a few minutes to watch the video...


    Ok, so you’ve decided to build yourself a membership type website, but where do you start? Here are a just some of the questions you’ll need to ask yourself...

    • How will I load my content
    • What content management system will I use
    • How will I protect my content?
    • Will I have multiple subscription plans
    • Will they be recurring or once off?
    • Will I offer any free subscriptions?
    • How will I manage access to special areas such as forums...
    • And the list goes on...

    Starting to sound a bit overwhelming? Well don’t worry, because it doesn’t need to be that way - If you follow a step by step system...

    Joomla Membership sites makes it easy, with a complete turnkey system. By Combining the worlds most used content management system (Joomla of course), with specialised subscription software and step by step tutorials that will get your new subscription website up and running in under 5 minutes!

    But Don’t be fooled by how simple it is, Joomlamembership sites is a powerfull membership site system.

    Wether you want to setup a simple members only website with a once off payment or a subscription website where you collect recurring payments, Joomla membership  sites will show you how.

    Build your Site Step by Step

    Imagine, getting not only the software to create and maintain your membership website, but also getting step by step tutorials, showing how to do it from scratch. How easy woould that be?

    That's exactly what you get with Joomla Subscription sites

    BOTH the software to create and run your membership website as well as over 32 step by step video tutorials showing you exactly how to do it!



    Want to know more?

    Take a look at the step by step tutorials to see just how quick and easy it is to create your own membership site You can also order the system from here:

  • Unlimited Subscription Plans

    You’ll be able to offer as many different subscription plans as you like. You’ve already created your content so why not make the most of it?

    You can offer different access levels such as bronze, silver or gold (choose whatever names you like), which means you’ll be able to cater to a much larger target group, squeezing the most out of your valuable content.


    Customized Signup Pages

    Custom Plan FormattingCreate totally customised signup pages using your wysiwyg editor - No need for CSS or other fancy coding!!

    Then, simply insert the subscription tag into any article to turn any joomla page into a custom signup page.



    Access Restrictions

    Access Restricted - Login Screen You’ll be able Offer specific content on a subscription by subscription basis. Whether your content is written text, audio or videos, you can easily share content between subscriptions which means there’s no duplicate content issues. Create your content once and get paid for it many times !

    You can even restrict access to specific components. Let me give you a quick example.

    Let‘s say you want to offer access to a special forum for gold members only, setup the restrictions under the gold subscription plan and Bobs you’re uncle! only gold member can access the specified forum!

    Locked Article Example Unlocked Article Example


    Time Limited subscriptions

    Create subscriptions that are time limited, for example:

    Grant access for 1 month then block access unless another payment is made
    Limit access based on how many times your subscriber accesses the content.

    Let me explain that second one to you in more detail. Let's say you want a allow a user to view a certain article 10 times. you set this up in the subscription and when they have used their 10 views - the system simply blocks access to them.


    Discount coupons

    Create discount coupons and offer them to entice prospective subscribers to try out your subscription website


    Free or Paid subscriptions

    Choose whether you want to charge for subscriptions or offer them for free. You can even mix it up and offer both types! Free subscriptions to limited content are a great way to build your email lists!


    Own and Manage your own membership site

    We’ll show you how to install and setup the system on your OWN server, so you’ll have complete control over YOUR website - Unlike some of other membership systems which charge between $9,495 for their software...




  • Here are just some of the features JMS membership sites offers:

    Membership features

    • JMS Membership Sites extension, allows you to turn your Joomla! website into a full blown membership site
    • Create paid or free membership plans
    • Create an unlimited number of membership plans
    • Share content between any number of plans
    • Each membership plan has it's own unique set of restrictions
    • Customise system messages
    • Customise system emails
    • Options to auto assign memberships to new or existing users
    • Publish / unpublish any plan
    • Publish / unpublish a users membership


    Content access features

    • Restrict access to any article / section / category
    • Restrict access to components or specific parts of a component
    • Create a limited time membership
    • create recurring memberships
    • Create lifetime membership
    • Show teaser content
    • create personalised access to content.

    Billing features

    • single billing or recurring billing
    • Coupon system
    • Order management
    • Use a range of payment providers such as payal, moneybookers,, eway

    Seo features

    • Search engines can find and index teaser content

    General features

    • Step by Step tutorials on how to install, setup and manage your Joomla! membership site
    • Ability to collect one off OR subscription payment using, paypal, and money bookers
    • Unlimited support and updates for the life of your membership
    • Support forum where you can get all your questions answered
    • No long term commitments

    Here are the subscription plans available for purchase.

    # Period Subscription Name Price
    0 Unlimited


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